12 years of experience
    in Time Critical Solutions
    380 vehicles
    220 employees
    3 branch offices
  • EXC - Express&Logistics
    2021 in numbers
    20 mil Euro - Turnover
    98.6% Shipments delivery in time
    28.846 Truckloads - Road freight transports
    110 Aircraft Charter & On Board Courier - Air Freight
    2480 Vehicles Used
    98 Delivering Countries
EXC Flexibility

EXC Flexibility

We make all efforts

to fulfill

your needs.

Delivery on time


Ever since day one we

accustomed our clients with

deliveries on time!

EXC Guarantee


Competitive prices

Transport organization

Delivery organization

Express Transport

Our fast international or express transportation ensures your merchendise arrives safely and on time. We're here to help you identify the optimum transportatin struccture until the destination and...

Logistics Solutions

From loading until delivery, EXC logistics provides personalizd logistic solutions for every need. Beyond well organized and personalized logistic solutions, we also provide you with the optimum...

Packages Transportation

We provide our clients with personalized parcel shipping and re-location services for individuals and companies. Our relocation service is done through express road transportation with 3.5 tons vans...

Quality Management System
ISO 9001:2008

Environment Management System
ISO 14001

Quality Management System
ISO 45001:2018


Profesionalism on time!

Because we want to have clients pleased with the quality of our services: express transportation, logistic solutions, parcel shipping. Your package will arrive on time anywhere in Europe, and not only in Europe. We have a team with excellent language skills so communicaiton in any international language is not a problem.

Our transportation tracking system will provide you with information about your transport in real time, and our services ensure that your transportation arrives safely.

    • Delivery on time
    • Exclusive transportation
    • Optimal routes
    • Competitive prices

EXC - Express Logistics